Day of Defeat Beta 2.0 Manual

Welcome to the Day of Defeat Beta 2.0 manual. Day of Defeat is a World War II multiplayer total conversion of "Half-life." DoD attempts to recreate WWII battles in both fictional and non-fictional environments. DoD puts you in the shoes (rather, combat boots!) of either an Allied or Axis soldier circa 1944, Western Europe. 

Day of Defeat is a class based first person shooter - upon arrival in game, you will have the choice to play different types of soldiers - from Rifleman to Machinegunners, to Snipers. Each class has its own mix of special abilities and weapons.

The overall goal of the game depends upon the map - whether it be to capture an area, defend a beach, or simply destroy the enemy. The 10 maps included with Day of Defeat will give players endless hours of replayability online. With a selection of nearly 20 weapons, players will have something new to try every time they play.

Best of all, Day of Defeat is a free download. Anyone with a copy of either Half-Life or Counter-Strike Retail can play. Day of Defeat is an ever-evolving game. We believe that DoD Beta 2 is at an early stage in it's life - there are many more maps, weapons, and classes to come.
So for now, grab your helmet and rifle and prepare for the most immersive World War 2 game to date!

Table of Contents
1.  Installing Day of Defeat
2.  What has Changed in Beta 2.0
3.  Controls
4.  The HUD
5.  The VGUI
6.  Machine Guns - How to Use Them?
7.  Maps
8.  Classes
9.  Weapons
10. Scoring
11. Clan Play
12. Setting up a Server
13. Server Commands
14. Respawn System

Any Questions, comments, suggestions, additions, and deletions should be pointed to our forums at Also, the Support Forums can be useful in finding extra information not included in this manual, especially for server commands. 

Manual by: molotov_billy
I would like to thank Curator for helping me write this manual. He can be reached at

-DoD Team