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Member Roster
Meet da boys......

The fullest possible KONG can be is a member list of 15. This is due to the fact that clan matches will be 6 or more a side, and this gives a fair approach to choosing players when it comes to clan matches.
The general rank structure is as follows: new recruits are given the rank of Lance-Corporal until they are fully initiated to Corporal. There are then two Sergeants who deal with morale and various other admin things. Then finally, commanding the clan is the Captain, with a Lieutenant XO.
Here follows our current member roster:

Captain [KONG]Thrawn

Lieutenant [KONG]Walther

Sergeant [KONG]Voudoun

Sergeant [KONG]RudolfHoess

Corporal [KONG]KurtTank

Corporal [KONG]Blake

Corporal [KONG]Liberty

Corporal [KONG]OmniSlash

Corporal [KONG]Viper

Lance-Corporal [KONG]CallousDiesel

Lance-Corporal [KONG]Cartman316

Lance-Corporal [KONG]JacKsSon